Resident Emergency Call for Courtyards, Terraces and Balconies

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Ontario Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

With the warmer weather here, it is important to remember that Resident safety is not just for inside the building but outside as well. The Ministry requires a nurse call station in areas such as the courtyard, terrace or balcony. There are several options available to meet or exceed this expectation.

  1. Install a waterproof nurse call button on the outside wall and a dome light inside.
  2. Provide a wireless pendant so that the resident can wander around the courtyard and be able to press for assistance at any time.
  3. Install a keypad or proximity card reader to control access to the areas during certain times of the day.

All the above options will tie into the existing nurse call system to make sure the alarm is acknowledged. Add in a reporting software package and accountability is a “click” away.

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